3 great hacks for getting pregnant naturally with PCOS

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Getting pregnant naturally with PCOS

If you’ve been told you have PCOS, you were probably also told by your doctor that 1) you’re basically doomed for life and there’s nothing you can do and that 2) you’re going to have trouble getting pregnant. And some are even told 3) that there’s nothing you can do until you want to get pregnant, and then you’ll have to do some form of ART.

But… these are just not true!!

You CAN reverse PCOS, if you treat it naturally and holistically, getting at the root. When you address it naturally, you can start ovulating again and get pregnant on your own without ART.

And the sooner you begin addressing your PCOS the better, do NOT Just wait until you are TTC. This one is a big pet peeve of mine, because regular periods are not a nuisance, they are not something that is “only” necessary when TTC - they are key to how our bodies produce the lovely hormone progesterone, which helps us to feel calm with a stable mood, low anxiety, and great sleep. Every woman deserves to ovulate and get the benefits of progesterone, not just worry about it when she’s trying to have a baby.

What you need to know about PCOS

The key take-home here is that you CAN reverse and treat PCOS and get pregnant naturally. This is a huge topic, so I’ll break down some key things for you to know here.

First, most of us healthcare providers were taught in school that women with PCOS are overweight, have acne, and unwanted hair. BUT, this is just not always the case. The bulk of the PCOS patients I see in my clinic are skinny, with no acne and no hair. But they don’t ovulate regularly, and they have PCOS. So don’t worry if you don’t fit into the box of how people define PCOS.

Unfortunately, this causes many women to go undiagnosed for years because their doctors don’t consider PCOS as an option unless they fit that description.

From my experience, there are three types of PCOS – adrenal, inflammatory, and insulin-resistant PCOS. People will fall into one or more of these categories.

A healthcare provider can help you determine which category your PCOS falls in, based on symptoms, health history, and labwork.

How to heal PCOS and get pregnant naturally

Here are three steps to healing your PCOS and supporting your fertility:

  1. Blood sugar – stabilize your insulin and blood sugar levels. Insulin sensitivity is the most common root of PCOS, and why doctors tend to think that people with PCOS are overweight. But people who are not over weight can also have blood sugar issues. I think that most women who eat the standard American diet, absolutely have blood sugar issues. We eat too many carbs and too much sugar, then we restrict ourselves, and we are caught on a blood sugar rollercoaster all day long. This wreaks havoc on our hormone levels. And it’s actually really easy to control, and is the easiest gateway into or lever we can pull to heal PCOS. Never skip meals, eat protein and fat any time you eat anything, even a little snack, and get regular exercise.
  2. Adrenal health – make sure you’re not over-working and over-taxing your system. Slow down, get some rest and a good night’s sleep. Don’t over-exercise which can tax your cortisol levels and contribute to excess androgens as well. Aim for regular, moderate exercise that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  3. Inflammation – cut out sugar and processed foods and eat a healthy whole-foods diet.

There is so much more to PCOS, and every case of PCOS is a little different. I recommend developing a relationship with a holistic personal health professional who is experienced with PCOS who can help you figure out the root of your PCOS and tailor a treatment plan for you. I also recommend reading the book The Woman Code by Alissa Vitti - it goes in depth into the science and biohacking of PCOS. And I recommend getting regular acupuncture sessions as well.

I hope you have a beautiful day, and remember, your fertile health is a daily practice.


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